While going through fertility treatments, Madeline helped me get my eating habits on track. Her professionalism and knowledgeable reports allowed me to stay calm and focus on me. I am now happily seven months pregnant and feeling great! Thanks Madeline.

Jennifer A.

Madeline is a wealth of knowledge. Her assessment narrowed in on areas I needed to focus on. Like many people, I was having issues that were hard to identify. The food we eat is making us sick. It’s worth the investment to have specific knowledge about your own individual food journey! Madeline will help you get there. A stop towards health now is going to alleviate symptoms but more importantly, its prevention and longevity for the future. Who knows what the food will contain in 30 years!

Whitney S.

Madeline Martins’ nutritional advice has changed my life. I’ve gone from having to limit my activities because of chronic stomach pain to being able to participate in just about everything. I haven’t felt this food since I was a kid!

Susan P.

Madeline is a kind and thoughtful practitioner, who really cares for her patients and their well-being. She took the time to ask the right questions to really get a full picture of my health, lifestyle and habits, before making a very thorough report with lots of insight and great recommendations. With her help, I was able to look more closely at my concerns and to improve my overall health in small steps with gradual changes. I was particularly grateful for her knowledge around women’s health, specifically with PCOS. As someone who has struggled for a long time with PCOS, it was so helpful to speak with someone who had put a focus on this in their studies and had excellent knowledge and recommendations on how to manage this condition. Thank you, Madeline!

Katie G.

Madeline did an excellent job of listening to the digestive and reproductive issues I was having. Her recommendations were thorough, and I liked that she gave me a top three list of things to focus on. It can be overwhelming to try and implement too many things at one time. By implementing her recommendations my digestive issues resolved within about a week and within four months I was expecting a baby. Thanks Madeline!

Sarah D.

Madeline is very thorough and detailed oriented. She had forms for me to fill in which had numerous questions that let her clearly analyze many aspects of my nutritional habits. There were questions about digestion, health, exercise, and even the type of water I drank. Everything was analyzed, and I was given some meal plans to follow as well as some recipes to try. Madeline was thorough and very professional with all the help she gave.

Theresa L.

Madeline is passionate about nutrition and really knows her stuff. She does a lot of research and is keen to find answers for her clients, to help them feel better and reach their goals. If you need firm, clear guidance on a health issue that’s concerning you, consider meeting with Madeline!

Chloe S.